Next Parish Council meeting is on 12th June 2023. 7.30pm at Burroughes Hall. This will be preceded by the Annual Parish meeting at 7pm.


WE NEED 40!!

(Photo – Karl Hogg – Knutsford Photographic Society)

Sadly, the above image is an all too familiar occurrence on the A140 through Stratton Strawless and Hainford, and this photo was taken on that stretch of road. This is one of the many reasons we need a 40mph limit on this piece of the A140.

There are lots of other factors in our decision to try and gain the 40mph limit. Not only have there been numerous accidents involving wildlife, too many to count, but people crossing the road by Stratton Strawless Hall, to access the bus stops, children going to and from school and people trying to turn out of any local roads onto the A140 have all encountered issues, some have even been involved in accidents and unfortunately, we have seen some fatalities. I know the picture of a deceased deer is not very nice but imagine if it was a child or relative that ended up in the same position.

Please show your support for this by going to the below link and signing our petition.

Change.org petition


Thanks to long standing Village Hall Committee member Janet, who has stepped down from the committee after 25 years! There was a lovely afternoon tea served in her honour and to thank Janet for all the contributions she has made over the last 25 years.

Janet (left) and current committee chair Christine Clark.

Committe members old and new enjoyed a lovely afternoon tea.

Recycling provision in the village.

At this month’s Parish Council meeting there was a discussion around the need to maintain the current recycling bins on Parish Road. The cost of emptying these bins is now double what it was in the last financial year and with the introduction of the new curb side collections by Broadland |District Council it was wondered if these bins were still necessary? We would like to hear your thoughts on this matter. Obviously, we don’t want an increase in fly tipping but with the new recycling centre just down the road, off the new NDR roundabout it may well be funds that could be released for other things in the village. 

Please contact the Clerk, Kate Leggett via email, [email protected] and let us know what you think. Thank you.  

SPEED PETITION 40 FOR THE A140 (Stratton Strawless and Hainford villages). 

Please click on the link below to sign the petition to get the speed on the A140 reduced to 40mph through our villages. Approximately 82,000 cars use this stretch of road each week and with a limit of 40mph we would be improving safety for road users, pedestrians and wildlife as well as helping the environment. 

Change.org petition


We are currently looking for Speed Watch volunteers to help combat speeding in the village. As you may know we are mounting a campaign to reduce the limit on the A140 through the village but council are also looking to get a 30pmh limit for Shortthorn Road. Any speed data that we can provide will give us a better chance of achieving results. If you are interested in becoming a Speed Watch volunteer please contact the clerk for more information. 

Stratton Strawless is situated approximately 9 miles from  Norwich on the A140 Cromer Road.

The Village has a Church and Village Hall and was the home of Robert Marsham, the founder of Phenology.

There are 3 notice boards in the village, situated at Burroughes Hall, Bracken Brae Garage and Woodland View Park.

The Parish Council maintains close and regular contact with the District and County Council to promote the best interests of the community. We notify the relevant authority of damage to roads and street furniture which are not the responsibility of the Parish Council. We also liaise with other village organisations e.g. the Church and Village Hall. We also make donations to causes that are of benefit to the community.

The Parish Council currently have two vacancies for Councillors. If you are interested in becoming a Parish Councillor please contact the Clerk via email at [email protected]

Bonfires on Shortthorn Road.

The Parish Council has been made aware of some unpleasant smelling bonfires on Shortthorn Road. These being thick black, acrid smoke and not the normal white smoke of wood fires. If you have any environmental issues regarding these bonfire they can be reported directly to Broadland Environmental Department using the link below.

Bonfires and smoke – Broadland and South Norfolk (southnorfolkandbroadland.gov.uk)



Following an application to remove the hedge the Forestry Commission placed a Retention Notice on the hedge in question. Discussions have now been held between the landowners, the Forestry Commission and District Tree officer and an Coppice and Regeneration Licence has been sought.  This will include “the retention of best maiden/standard trees within the hedge with the other woody stems being brought back into regular maintenance, which will require both felling, pruning and coppicing works to allow the multi-stem re-growth to thicken the hedge bottom, together with some enrichment planting with hedge species to fill any existing gaps.”

Details of this application can be found on the Forestry Commission website or follow the link here Forestry Commission Public Register for England – Cases Open for Consultation (arcgis.com) Please note that Shortthorn Road has been spelt Short Thorn Road on this site. You will have to navigate the map to Norfolk and click on the Short Thorn Road application. This should enable you to comment. The consultation period ends on the 13th December.

To comment by post: send to Broadland District Council, Thorpe Lodge, 1 Yarmouth Rd, Norwich, NR7 0DU. If you wish to make further comments to the Forestry Commission, email [email protected] using reference 017-3521-2021 and BDC planning application ref 20211059.




Speeding is a problem in our village

Why don’t you become a volunteer with Speedwatch and help us to reduce speeding

If you would like to get involved in slowing down traffic in the village and are concerned about road safety, then please contact the Parish Clerk – email [email protected]

Thank you for your support



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