Stratton Strawless is situated approximately 9 miles from  Norwich on the A140 Cromer Road.

The Village has a Church and Village Hall and was the home of Robert Marsham, the founder of Phenology.

There are 3 notice boards in the village, situated at Burroughes Hall, Bracken Brae Garage and Woodland View Park.

The Parish Council maintains close and regular contact with the District and County Council to promote the best interests of the community. We notify the relevant authority of damage to roads and street furniture which are not the responsibility of the Parish Council. We also liaise with other village organisations e.g. the Church and Village Hall. We also make donations to causes that are of benefit to the community.



Speeding is a problem in our village

Why don’t you become a volunteer with Speedwatch and help us to reduce speeding

If you would like to get involved in slowing down traffic in the village and are concerned about road safety, then please contact the Parish Clerk – email stclerk@hotmail.co.uk

Thank you for your support



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  1. John Sayer says:

    The links to “FixMyStreet” (in the sidebar on the right of this page) relate to Northamptonshire.

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